Sports Nutrition

As a cyclist, skater, yogi and occasional runner (very occasional…LOL) I know what my body needs to complete the mission while still having fun. Whether I was jamming on the derby track, racing my bike in a crit or just kicking on an XC trail event with the hubby, I always planned ahead (and not just the day before) with a good diet and supplement regimine. I’d love the opporunity to help you play smarter…and well maybe a little harder. ­čÖé

Super Stars Jump Start

Are you a casual or competitive athlete who wants to take your sport to the next level through proper nutrition? Any training program should include a hydrating diet with the appropriate balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat to fuel your body for competition. This introductory program will focus on how to eat for optimal endurance and performance in addition to what you should consume before, during and after your play outings or sport events. Your program will include the following: (4 sessions)

  • Session 1: Health Evaluation and Introduction to Real Food — Energy Foods (1.5 hours)sports nutrition
  • Session 2: Hydration & Nutrient-Dense Veggies
  • Session 3: Whole Grains for Endurance
  • Session 4: Good Fats & Sustainable Proteins to Build That Ultimate Performance Body
  • Holistic Health Plan with food and supplement recommendations

Investment: $425

Super Stars Endurance Event

This comprehensive program will expand upon the concepts mentioned in the “Jump Start” program. You will meet with me twice a month and learn how to nourish yourself for optimal performance. As with my ┬áPersonalized Health Coaching Programs you will experience a remarkable increase in your energy and vitality while discovering what nourishes you and supports your athletic endeavors based on your unique bio-individuality. We will work together to help you feel confident and creative in choosing and preparing healthy, seasonal foods to compliment your training program and frankly….kick ass! Your personalized program will cover the following: (13 sessions)

  • Eating for optimal energy and endurance
  • Off-season & pre-season nutrition
  • Quick, healthy & balanced meals
  • Menu planning
  • Pre-event, event & recovery foods
  • Proper hydration & electrolyte replacement
  • Eating on the go
  • Finding your ideal body weight
  • Playful eating techniques
  • Health Food Store Tour or Healthy Kitchen Makeover
  • Holistic Health Plan with food and supplement recommendations


  • $1,350 (one payment)
  • $1,500 (250/month)



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