If you want to be successful in accomplishing your health goals, you’ll want the support of an experienced health coach and nutritional consultant to help you create a personalized program that works with your lifestyle. With any of Cultivating Health’s programs, you will experience a remarkable increase in your energy and vitality while discovering what nourishes you based on your unique bio-individuality. Kim will help you feel confident and creative in choosing and preparing healthy, seasonal foods. She will help you figure out how to cultivate balance in your life and incorporate play, a form of self-nourishment that often is missing from the priority list. In a nutshell, Kim will consider your healthy history, lifestyle, stress factors, career choices, relationships and favorite forms of play when helping you design an eating and wellness plan to support you in living life to its fullest potential.

What benefits can I expect from a Health Coaching program?

  • increased energy
  • reduced cravings, PMS symptoms, digestive distress, cholesterol and low blood sugar
  • radiant skin
  • clearer thinking
  • improved moods
  • confidence in shopping and cooking
  • feeling nourished and supported both physically and emotionally
  • more time for play and self-nourishment
  • enjoyment in exercise

Cultivating Health offers the following services for individuals:

Phone counseling is available upon request.



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