kitchen makeover

Are you ready to make the switch to a healthier diet but are unsure about how to make the transition in your kitchen? I will visit your home and help you purge the poor quality “foods” in your pantry and useless kitchen gadgets and clutter. During your Healthy Kitchen Makeover, we will discuss healthy alternatives and ways to organize your food and counter space for fun, yet efficient meal making. I will also suggest a few tools that are not only fun to play with but guaranteed to save you time in the kitchen and make cooking easier. By cleaning out the poor quality “foods” and kitchen tool clutter, you create a more enjoyable space in which to nourish yourself and your family. Your kitchen will become your favorite space to play! (1.5 hours)

Investment: $200

Consider adding 30 – 45 minutes to your consult for some meal planning fun! I love to talk healthy menus and time saving tips. Not only will I share some of my favorite menu planning resources but you’ll have the opportunity to break out your old recipes and cookbooks that you’ve been dying to get back to! It’s a great way to get some guidance on ways to create healthy, yet yummy meals during your busy week.

Additional Investment: $50


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