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Kim is currently an instructor for the Holistic Nutrition Certification Program at Tulsi Holistic Living in Washington D.C. This is a comprehensive program in the holistic and preventative principles of nutrition. It provides students with a complete and thorough working knowledge of the principles and applications of Holistic Nutrition for promoting health and well-being. The program is created to prepare students for national level certification through the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. The course is offered twice a year (Jan – June, Aug – Dec) and covers the following:

Holistic Nutrition Level 1: Foundation of Nutrition
Anatomical, Physiological & Biochemical Processes Associated with Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition Level 2: Principles of Nutrition 1
Macro-Nutrient Needs of the Human Body

Holistic Nutrition Level 3: Principles of Nutrition 2
Dietary Strategies for Specific Nutrition Requirements

Holistic Nutrition Level 4: Principles of Nutrition 3
Micro-Nutritional Needs of the Human Body

Holistic Nutrition Level 5: Application of Nutrition
Holistic Protocols for Health & Prevention

For more information, please visit Tulsi Holistic Living.

Kim has also been a guest nutrition speaker at the Tai Sophia Institute in Laurel, MD.

Please contact Kim for more information about designing nutrition education courses for your organization.


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