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Wellness Retreats

Whether you are a young professional or a recent retiree, it’s time to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Cultivating Health and partner, Body Engineering by Vionna, create week long and weekend wellness retreats for you and your group in a variety of beautiful locations. As women, we often neglect our own physical and mental well-being because we are so focused on our careers and/or providing for our loved ones. We make little if any time at all to refill that energy well. If we’re going be helpful to others we must FIRST nourish ourselves.

Retreats are a great opportunity to get support around making YOU a priority and bringing more joy into your life. Kick back, take a deep breath and explore a more positive relationship with fitness and food. You’ll learn how physical activity and mindful eating can be great self-nourishment and personal empowerment tools that you can incorporate into your daily routine easily. Bring a friend and experience the benefits of having a support system to hold you accountable for the life changing commitments that you will make to yourself during this retreat.

Please contact Kim for more information about Cultivating Health’s retreat offerings.


Culinary Tours

Imagine the tastes, aromas and sights of Tuscany, Italy and Provence, France. Explore the culture, food traditions, farming methods and wellness practices of these beautiful European regions with your own personal chef, anthropologist, health coach and nutritional consultant.

Cultivating Health has teamed up with Friends and Food International to provide provide a relaxed, insider’s perspective on the beautiful regions we visit. You will be part of a small group, staying at villas with hosts who are experts in food, history, culture, and the fine art of living well. Our trips coincide with the best travel seasons for exploring scenic villages, vineyards and regional markets. People and their food are the keystones of culture. Knowing how and where it is produced, and its place in history and celebrations, provides a delicious guide to learning about other people and their communities.

All trips include accommodations, food and wine, restaurant meals, entrance fees, guided instruction programs and ground transportation. Airfare is not included. We pick-up and drop-off in Avignon (Provence) and Florence (Tuscany).


Taste of Tuscany: A Wellness Holiday for Foodies

Explore the culture, food traditions and wellness practices of the Tuscan people through visits to local markets, vineyards, olive groves and oil producers, spas and springs, farms, cafes and restaurants, formal gardens and museums.

The program will alternate between interactive sessions on food and wellness, and complimentary field visits throughout the region. The group will stay at Villa Marzalla in the Tuscan countryside near Lucca in the Provencia of Pistoia in the Arno River Valley. La Villa Marzalla is a lovely seventeenth century noble estate in the hills above the village of Pescia and offers modern comfort and convenience in a gorgeous setting and produces olive oil, wine, grappa, vin santo and chestnuts.

  • Dates: TBD
  • Investment: $3,200


A Provençal Journey in Biodynamics: Mindful Eating, Farming & Living

Imagine France’s Mediterranean countryside of vineyards, romantic and rustic farms and peaceful olive groves. The harmonizing flavors of succulent, tree-ripened figs, blooming fields of lavender, local chèvre goat cheeses and olive oil from orchards the Romans planted. This region of southern France between the Rhone River and Italy is known as Provence and has always carried a separate spirit and light than the rest of the continent.

This Provençal tour will focus on wellness, biodynamic agriculture and natural ways to improve human health and energy. The program will alternate between interactive discussions on health and wellness, and field visits throughout the region. We have also scheduled yoga, meditation, shiatsu treatments as part of the program. We will visit biodynamic vineyards and farms, kitchen gardens, regional markets, essential oil distilleries, Roman and medieval historic locations and the home and garden of naturalist Jean Henri Fabre. There will also be opportunities to learn how to cook ambrosial Provençal dishes with local & biodynamic delights, hike in the countryside while foraging for wild edibles.and the chance to met Provençal people who make the term joi de vivre so applicable to this area.

  • Dates: TBD
  • Investment: $3,200

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