eating locally

Cultivating Health supports nutrient-dense foods. These are real foods that can be traced back to the soil and are grown locally. When you buy local produce, you are getting more nutrients than what the store-bought counterparts (unless they buy locally) offer because locally grown produce gets to you faster and doesn’t lose as many nutrients during shipping and handling. When sourcing locally raised animal products, you have the opportunity to chat with the farmer and learn more about their practices so that you can determine if the animals have been raised and slaughtered with integrity. Here are a few resources to help you find local foods in your neck of the woods in addition to the benefits of eating locally. Local foods are good for local economy, the environment and YOU!

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Buy Local Challenge
Civil Eats
Eat Local Challenge
Eat Well Guide
Eat Wild Grass-fed Directory
Edible Communities
Farm Foody
Fress Local Food
Future Harvest
Local Harvest
National Farmers Market Directory
Real People Eat Local
Sustainable Table’s Guide to Eating Local



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