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Summer Soups

  • August 3rd, 2011

During the my last post, I wrote about the importance of hydration and gave you a few ideas about hydrating beverages. Well, this time I want to touch on how to hydrate through foods! I don’t know about you, but when it’s hot, I hate turning on the stove and the oven. I find myself preparing a fair amount of salads, smoothies and cold soups. The beauty of cold soups is that they are easy to make, hydrating, cooling and pretty darn tasty. Because their base is fruits and vegetables, they are also nutrient-rich. In addition, because many chilled fruit or veggie soups are raw, they are filled with enzymes that promote good digestion.

Some of the fruit soups are particularly delightful because they satisfy that sweet craving and help curb the need for ice cream. Although they are sweet, many recipes call for accessory ingredients such as herbs, hot peppers and ginger to balance the sweetness and lend a savory flavory. Simply a party in your mouth! For added protein and fat, you can always blend in some almond milk, yogurt, sour cream, pureed beans or pureed quinoa.

I am including a link to one of my favorite summer recipes. I love Deborah Madison and I am mad about her delicious Chilled Tropical Melon Soup. Yum!

One of my favorite recipe sites,, had quite an assortment of recipes. Check some of them out below!

Melon Soups
Cucumber Soups
Corn Soups
Zucchini Soups
Mango Soups

Have fun and enjoy.

Tomato-Watermelon Soup from


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